Our Products


Prince Edward Island high quality frozen seafood including smoked salmon, meat, lobster & mussel


For Pain relief -DR-Ho's wide selection of products help with a variety of needs including lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, joint pain and much more..


Household grocery – Gorilla Glue, Gain Liquid Laundry, Cashmere Premium Bathroom Tissue + WD-40 BIKE

Maxgan Market specializes in the export of Canadian goods and grocery items, as well as fresh PEI seafood, such as lobster, bluefin tuna, mussels, and smoked salmon. 

Grocery items include dishwashing detergent, bathroom tissue, Gorilla glue, and other household items.

Maxgan also exports Canadian-made pain relief devices by Dr-Ho’s, items which are meant to ease chronic pain without the need for a prescription or help of medication. 

Maxgan Market works alongside PEI fishermen like Colville Bay Oysters in order to get the best, most fresh seafood for our exports. 

All meats and seafood are freshly caught and frozen for immediate exportation in order to deliver high quality foods directly to your area.

Export Partners

Colville Bay, Exported Oyster and Lobster

TNT, Exported Bluefin Tuna